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Why build and assess your operating model on the NOW platform? 

The growth in hybrid work has led many organizations to look introspectively at the people, processes and technologies delivering on business strategies. Simply understanding the business capabilities that comprise business operations is a critically important exercise as employees operate in different work settings. Defining the business capabilities and assessing both efficiency and effectiveness of those capabilities provides clear, actionable insights into the performance needs of the organization.

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WorkFit Capability Mapper centers around the business capabilities that deliver strategic results. By enhancing the existing capability functionality of the ServiceNow platform, WorkFit Capability Mapper brings operating model design into the strategy development discussion.

Operations Reimagined

With WorkFit Capability Mapper, operating model design and deployment focuses around the people, process and technology tasked with executing the business strategy. Unlike a functional hierarchy, that leads to siloes between departments, capability-based operations promotes collaboration across the business, further optimizing ServiceNow ITBM and CSM functionality. 

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