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Design and implement a differentiated, end-to-end customer experience on the ServiceNow platform. 

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Why CX? 

Organizations are in the midst of a CX revolution with unprecedented demand for differentiated, elite service. Developing customer personas and journeys provides critical insights into the 'what' and 'how' of perfecting the customer experience. Build your customer experience with WorkFit CX Developer built on the ServiceNow platform. 

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Customer Experience Strategy

Integrate your customer experience strategy into your business operations.

Integrated with ServiceNow

Built on the NOW platform for seamless integration with other ServiceNow configured items. By leveraging the NOW platform, users can customize the integrations between WorkFit CX Developer and already configured ServiceNow products. Regardless of the ServiceNow product(s) used, WorkFit CX Developer will enable the build, deployment and execution of your customer experience strategy. 

Extended ServiceNow Capabilities

WorkFit CX Developer links foundational customer experience strategy with the robust power of NOW. By leveraging WorkFit, organization's maximize the value of existing ServiceNow products like CSM and ITBM by providing the strategic framework around the execution power of these solutions. With WorkFit CX Developer, customer experience strategy becomes a pillar of the organization's culture and is fully integrated with the overall strategy and the day-to-day operations. 

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